How to apply

1. Start by carefully cleaning the surface of your device. Make sure that the surface is free from dust and dirt. This way there will be no unwanted air bubbles between the sticker and your MacBook.

2. Take a plastic card such as a credit card, driver’s licence or the like and use it to firmly press the vinyl to the transfer film. Start from the middle and work outwards to the edges of the sticker. This way you make sure that no vinyl is stuck to the white backing paper.

3. Gently peel of the white backing paper. Make sure that while doing this no dirt or dust gets attached the vinyl.

4. Carefully position the vinyl on the surface of your MacBook. For the best result, start by positioning the corners of the transfer film in the right place.

5. Slowly apply the vinyl to the surface of your MacBook making sure no air bubbles are between the surface and the sticker. For the best result, do so by starting from one edge of the sticker to the other.

6. Gently press all the air out, making sure the sticker is holding strong. Apply the same way as before: from the center to the sides.

7. Slowly peel the plastic transfer film off from your MacBook. We suggest you to start from one of the corners.

8. Now you have your awesome sticker on your MacBook. Enjoy!

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